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In this picture of Faith Exposed with a sex toy she looks sexy as always but for some reason the look on her face gives us the impression that she just wants to masturbate take a few pictures and get on with her day. She might have a pair of some of the best breasts in the world but she isn’t one of those porn stars that loves sex more than anything.  You might even get the impression from looking at this picture that she is only doing this to get back at her dad.

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This picture of Faith shows off her huge breasts.  Oh those amazing natural huge breasts.  Boob men could stare at these for ages.  Breasts that will probably exist on the internet for generations. That is a pretty good way to explain just how good her breasts are. These are the kind of  things that will live on well after Faith and all of us are gone with the magic of the internet. You probably want to see more of this photoset so click here to go to her official website. Those pink nipples are seen just enough to make us want to see more.


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One nice thing about Faith Exposed cumshot video is available there.  It took a while for her to do this kind of thing.  Her first site In Bed With Faith doesn’t have hardcore porn.  So if you want to see these amazing breasts and at the same time watch hardcore big tit porn with cumshots then there is only one place to go.  And of course you will see big loads of cum all over her big boobies. Not to say that she is the best hardcore big tit porn actress of all time just that she is one of the best to have breasts like hers.



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Faith Exposed Naked on the bed. Well not completely naked more like topless. But she is unbuttoning her jeans and about to pull them down. Why lay on a bed wearing jeans when you can lay there naked.  Her tits don’t look as big in the position. gravity has that effect but don’t think for a minute that her tits are not perky?  They are big full and round. And the honest truth is that they are poking up above her chest very round not flat.  Usually only girls with fake tits have them look this round when they are laying on their back.


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Faith Exposed Big Boobs are so big that she needs to hold them in her hands when she wants to show them to you. These big boobs are all natural. Not fake but Faith is gorgeous with god given assets given to her by mother nature as apposed to purchased in a doctors office. One curious thing is that she is laying on a bed with white sheets.  Well it looks more like a cream colored comforter. Some how my guess is that this is not her actual bedroom but just a set or maybe the photographers house.  It almost looks like it could be filmed in a hotel room.

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In this Faith Exposed Masturbation picture she is using a blue vibrator on her pussy.  Hey if that’s how girls like to masturbate I’m completely willing to buy them their sex toys.  But the condition is that they have to look as good as faith and certainly need to have breasts at least as big. And if those breasts are natural then I’ll buy them two toys. And I might even suck on their pink nipples. But regardless of the masturbating the best thing about this is this picture shows off her curves.  Obviously you are not going to be skinny with boobs this big but Faith has curves in all the right places.  A simply perfect body.

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Faith Exposed Movie downloads are available inside the Faith Exposed Site. In fact they are hardcore big tit porn videos and the quality is very nice. Some of them are a few years old before a time when everything was in HD. But don’t worry they are still very nice quality and premium video quality by internet standards. Not the cheap pixelated junk they offer for free on those tube sites. There are lots of movies of Faith masturbating but also boy on girl sex and it all features her gigantic natural tits.


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Busty Faith Exposed is so amazing in this picture it might be one of the best busty pictures on the internet. Best as in one of the best of all time. Her long blonde hair flows over her shoulders and her unshaven pussy shows behind her hands.  She has some beautiful silver jewelery on and her finger nails are nicely manicured. The pink lingerie she is wearing is pulled to the side with her boobs pulled over it.  This holds up her breasts nicely and shows off just how busty she is.


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Faith Exposed Nude and when we say nude we mean completely naked with no clothes. In fact she is sitting with her legs spread with a dildo in her pussy. We can even see that she does not shave her pussy. I guess that is more of the European style of things. In the US a girl this beautiful who performs naked on camera is almost always showing a bald beaver. But it’s not like Faith has a hairy pussy. And to be honest her breasts look so great here that we almost don’t notice that she isn’t shaved down there.

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Faith Exposed Dildo in her boobs is one place that makes more sense in her case.  It makes more sense because her boobs are her best asset.  Not to say we don’t want to see all of her.  Just that we don’t mind seeing her play with a dildo between her breasts. Even when she sucks the dildo and shows off her tongue ring we don’t get extracted from her boobs.  Shame that she has her nipples covered but they do look big with her holding them up.  I guess they weigh a lot because of their large size.